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Ride the World in Style
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Welcome to my nightmare

Oh moi je ne suis qu'un bouffon Messires !
Un acrobate verbal pour mieux vous faire rire,
Jongleur grammatical et n'étant pas bien né,
Je mendie les regards et fais des pieds de nez.
N'ayant que peu de foi en la nature humaine,
Je traque les fissures de ses allures mondaines.
Je dis les vérités que l'on déteste entendre
Et attire la haine quand je voudrais du tendre.
Mais mon vocabulaire est une bien piètre épée
Et je vous laisse Messieurs l'honneur de batailler.

samedi 30 janvier 2010

Mon job at the WTO

From: "Nish" <leclerc@netfront.net>
To: "Rebecca Leung" <rebeccal@pcihl.com>
Subject: About the WTO (in English)
Date: Tuesday, May 02, 2006 1:34 PM

My first day at the WTO was extremely short...
I was due to begin as a language helper at 1600hrs so I walked from my home in Tin Hau to the HKCEC to get a feel of it all. Causeway Bay's streets were blocked and almost empty which felt really unusual, groups of cops every twenty meters were on the watch along Victoria Park and there were diverse uniforms basically at every corners. The streets seemed to belong to cops on bikes as every other vehicles were having a blue flashlight. The motorcycle carparks were closed and the flyovers were also full of police. I finally reached the HKCEC via the flyovers and I soon stood in front of a counter where a guard asked me for my badge. I gave him my convocation letter instead but he said that wasn't good enough and, for security reasons, I needed to get a badge. I asked where I could get it and he gave me a phone number to call. I dialed and ended up on a french language helper... :)
I explained who I was and what I needed and she told me to get to Harcour House's 4th floor to get it. She gave me the address and it wasn't far so I told her I was going to get my badge but I would probably be late a bit then. She told me not to worry as she would get in touch with the NGO center to tell them I was on my way. Nice lady.

I rushed to the Harcour House with Yumi on the phone explaining me how to get there as she was facing her computer in City U with a on her screen and I arrived there within five minutes. I could have made it faster but a guard absolutely wanted to see my ID at the entrance of the building. I reached the 4th floor and entered a weird, large, administrative smelling place through the narrow door of a metalic curtain that had been pulled down. Perhaps one of those secret extra meeting rooms I had heard about. ;)
There I adressed a man behind a desk while some ladies were watching, live on TV, the protest that was going on outside. The man told me to wait so I had the time to watch, on the TV, some demonstrators jumping into the sea with flags for only protection. I was impressed, the water must have been so cold and smelly ! Or perhaps they thought it was mud and wanted to plant their flags in it ? Anyway, the guy returned and told me that the person in charge was busy in a meeting and could I come back tomorrow ?
Er... I'm supposed to start my job now...
He checks my convocation again.
Oh yes ! You're right ! Please wait.
He returns a few minutes later with a telephone number for me to call a certain Miss Leung. I dial.
Hello... You're Mister Pascal ?
That's right !
I'm sorry we didn't get to inform you by mail or call you before. We actually don't need your assistance anymore.
Oh, just like that ? And what about Saturday ? You don't need me on Saturday either ?
No, sorry.
And you tell me that now ?
Er... yes, sorry.
Ah, ok then, I guess I'll just go and join the demonstrators then... bye !

This was my memorable participation at HK's WTO. I'm proud ! :))

I then joined the demonstration where I could admire the formidable attire of the grand HK riot police. I couldn't help noticing that there seemed to be more policemen than demonstrators who, however, seemed dramatically less equiped for combat situations with only old straw hats and purple plastic whistles, even the journalists were more equiped with protection helmets, googles and masks ! Hong Kong, once again, enjoys panicking for not much it seems... I was tempted to set my own motorcycle on fire just to give the cops a reason to exist ! :))
In the end, Yumi joined me and the protestors began marching peacefully towards Causeway Bay, so we just went along with them, well, at least up to Outback Steak House were we had dinner.
Later on, as we walked back home, I noticed a very large sign in Victoria Park that said: PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT. Hong Kong authorities should definitely consider leaving it there for ever...

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